Take Advantage Of Our Lawn Maintenance Plans In Canton, GA

Maintain a Vibrant Yard Throughout the Year

A beautiful yard won't last long without care and attention. It takes a lot of work and dedication to keep your lawn looking great all year. Instead of spending your weekends with your knees in the dirt, let a team of experts handle all the lawn maintenance for you. X-treme Outdoors LLC offers general maintenance and lawn mowing service in the Canton, GA area.

Save your hard-earned time and your achy back. Call 770-878-0883 today to arrange for lawn maintenance in Canton, GA.

What does our lawn care include?

X-treme Outdoors offers yearly and monthly lawn care service agreements. This ensures you're getting the lawn care you need on time, every time. We offer:

Bulb and annual flowerbed planting
Leaf blowing and debris removal
Irrigation and winterization
Lawn mowing service

Our maintenance is especially important before and after winter to ensure your yard has the tools to survive. Enjoy your yard without all the hard work. Contact us today to ask about our lawn care service agreements in the Canton, GA area.