Contact A Hardscaping Contractor In The Canton, GA Area

Add Beautiful and Functional Features to Your Yard

A finished yard often needs more than just flowers and grass to reach its full potential. Softscaping and hardscaping work hand-in-hand to make a yard that feels planned and complete. Contact your local hardscaping contractor to add value and function to your outdoor space in Canton, GA.

X-treme Outdoors LLC builds retaining walls, water gardens, bird baths, streams, patio pavers and more. Call 770-878-0883 today to let a hardscaping company make your landscape entirely unique.

Why are retaining walls important?

A hardscaping contractor will survey your land to decide where retaining walls can be utilized. Retaining walls are incredibly important for:

Preventing soil erosion
Stopping water run-off and flooding
Reducing maintenance needs in sloped mulch beds
Creating depth and usable space on severely sloped earth

X-treme Outdoors is an accomplished hardscaping company that knows the best locations and methods for installing retaining walls. Speak with us today to schedule an appointment.